Enrolment Vouchers

EzyLearn Enrolment Voucher Sample ImageOnline Course Enrolment Vouchers enable education providers and service providers like accountants to pick and choose exactly which course subjects and support features they want and purchase them in bulk at a wholesale price.

Once purchased EzyLearn Partners can give their Enrolment Vouchers to their students or clients as part of a larger course or service or sell them to customers at a price they choose.

Enrolment Vouchers are normally provided by companies that offer services over and above the fundamental skills that are taught in the courses. eg. education providers who offer Cert IV, Diplomas or higher or accountants who provide bookkeeping or accounting services.

Once the customer has the enrolment voucher EzyLearn takes care of all enquiries and customer support from that point on.

Are you a Student?

If you are a student with an Enrolment Voucher and you just want to get started then just Redeem Your Voucher Now.